Monsters of Destruction

SxS Racing

Does your UTV have what it takes to win it all?

Be a part of the show, while winning ALL THE DOUGH! We’re taking registrations to compete against the area’s best in sxs racing. This race is put on by racers and will not leave you disappointed. Come show us what you’ve got, register today!

Register Your SXS


  1. Drivers must be 18 years or older.
  2. Proof of age must be available upon request by event official.
  3. Drivers may not exceed 5 mph when traveling to/from their pit area.
  4. Safety equipment and machine eligibility are the sole responsibility of the driver.
  5. Drivers and passengers must wear a helmet when riding on track or course.
  6. Long pants and long sleeves must be worn.
  7. Boots that cover the ankle with laces or buckles.
  8. All stock OEM safety features are minimum requirement for racer to compete.
  9. Tech Inspection. All vehicles must be tech inspected before being allowed on the track.
  10. No racer may drive in such a manner as to endanger life or limb of other racers. Racers will be penalized for the reckless operation of their machine or for running into an official.
  11. Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in being penalized at staff discretion or banned from the event.
  12. Penalties will be assessed at the discretion of the promoter based on the severity of the offense.
  13. Reckless or irresponsible pit riding will not be tolerated.
  14. Each racer is responsible for the actions of their family and pit crew.
  15. Abuse of staff will not be tolerated and will result in probation, suspension and/or disqualification.
  16. Fighting will also not be tolerated. If anyone is caught fighting, they and/or their racer will be disqualified.
  17. There will be a zero tolerance policy on alcohol. If you are racing then you should not be drinking before/during the race.