Monsters of Destruction

Tuff Trucks

Can your 4x4 take on the MOD monster truck course?

Have you always wanted to compete in an arena of screaming fans? Now’s your chance. If you have a truck that can not only take on some terrain, but some stiff competition. The Monsters of Destruction’s Tuff Truck competition is your time to shine. So, polish up your truck (or don’t because, really) and get registered to take on the title of TOUGHEST TUFF TRUCK. Cash purse included, see location for details.



  1. No passengers are allowed unless full roll cage and five point harness is properly installed.
  2. If any of the truck door posts or cab has previous damage you will need a roll cage.
  3. SShoulder belts, disabled air bags and Snell approved helmet are required in stock trucks and neck collars are advised.
  4. All drivers will need to check in during registration times we will not hold spots for drivers who do not make it in-time for drivers meeting.
  5. No media (TV, Radio) sponsor logos on sides of vehicles unless approved by WHR Motorsports/ 2100 Inc.
  6. No SxS, Cars or other vehicles besides 4×4, 2wd Trucks.
  7. No paddles, chains, or screws.